Viewing Images

You can browse images on the camera's card as follows.

  1. Select [Playback].

    • The image viewing screen is displayed.

  2. Select the card and folder.

    • Select the card from the pull-down menu on the left.
    • Select the folder from the pull-down menu on the right.
  3. View the images.

    • The image taken is automatically displayed by turning on [Auto update].

    • Select [Select] to make multiple images selectable.

      Select a thumbnail to select that image. Select the thumbnail again to clear the selection.

      Select [Select all] to select all images on the image viewing screen.

      Select [Clear all] to clear all the selections.

      Select [Cancel] to return to the image viewing screen.

    • When you select a thumbnail, the screen changes to the playback screen and the image is displayed in a larger size.

      Still Photo Playback Screen

      Movie Playback Screen

      Audio Playback Screen

    • Selecting [Trash can] while an image is selected erases that image.

    • Selecting [Download] while an image is selected downloads the file to a computer or smartphone, etc.


  • Note that depending on the performance of the computer or smartphone, or the browser used, images may display slowly or not at all, and downloading images to a device may not be possible.