What You Can Do with the Transmitter

The transmitter is an accessory for EOS cameras that enables LAN functions to be expanded when attached to the camera.

The transmitter's LAN functions enable you to do the following:

  • FTP Transfer ()

    You can transfer captured images to an FTP server.

    Images can be automatically transferred as you shoot them, or you can select images to be transferred later.

  • EOS Utility ()

    Perform actions such as downloading images stored in the camera or performing remote shooting by using EOS Utility (EOS software) installed on a computer.

  • Browser Remote ()

    You can perform advanced remote shooting, view images stored in the camera, and configure settings related to FTP transfer by connecting to the camera from a web browser on a computer, smartphone, or other device, as easily as accessing a website.

  • Linked Shooting ()

    Perform shooting by wirelessly linking the sender camera to the receiver camera.

  • Sync the Camera Time ()

    Synchronize the time between sender and receiver cameras of the same model.


  • Outdated firmware will prevent you from using Browser Remote. In this case, download the latest version from the Canon website and update the firmware.