ID Photo

Images on memory cards or USB flash drives can be printed for use in photo identification from [ID Photo] on the Home screen.

  • Load an ink cassette and paper cassette (with any paper except card size) in SELPHY (, ).
  1. Choose [ID Photo] and press OK.

  2. Choose a size.

    • Choose from these three sizes.
    • [Custom] Specify the length of the long and short sides before printing.
      [Standard] Print a photo that complies with the international ICAO standard.
      [Dual] Print two sizes: 50×50 mm (approx. 2.0×2.0 in.) and 45×35 mm (approx. 1.8×1.4 in.).
    • [Custom]: Select the long side length in [Long Side], and then select the [Short Side] length. [Short Side] options are automatically updated based on [Long Side] length.
    • On the [Sizes] screen, you can limit the sizes listed for [Custom] so that only the sizes used most often are shown.
  3. Choose images.

    • Pressing Up button places a check mark in the quantity field.
    • With [Custom] and [Standard], you can select up to two images.
    • Press OK to access the [Preview] screen.
    • To crop the image, press Menu button and choose [Cropping] ().
  4. Print.

    • Press OK to start printing.