Compatible Cards

No adapter required

  • SD memory cards
  • SDHC memory cards
  • SDXC memory cards


Adapter required (sold separately)

  • miniSD memory cards
  • miniSDHC memory cards

  • microSD memory cards
  • microSDHC memory cards
  • microSDXC memory cards


  • For memory cards that require an adapter, always insert the card into the adapter before inserting the adapter into the memory card slot. If you mistakenly insert the memory card into the memory card slot without an adapter, you may not be able to remove the card from the printer.
  • Use a memory card formatted with the device you shot the photos with. Images on cards formatted with a computer may not be recognized.

Images on commercially available USB Type-C flash drives can be printed the same way as images on memory cards.

  • Remove any inserted memory cards.
  • Insert a USB flash drive as shown.

JPEG images conforming to the Exif standard can be printed with SELPHY.


  • Images may not be displayed or printed correctly if they have been edited on a computer, or if the long side exceeds 35000 pixels.