Turning the Printer On

  1. Connect the adapter cord to SELPHY.

  2. Connect and plug in the power cord.

  3. Turn on SELPHY.

    • Hold down Power button until “Canon” is displayed, and then release Power button.
  4. Choose a language.

    • The language selection screen is displayed the first time you turn on the power.
    • Press Up buttonDown buttonLeft buttonRight button to choose a language.
    • You are now asked about installing SELPHY Photo Layout.
    • If you will use SELPHY Photo Layout, press OK and go to Using SELPHY Photo Layout.
    • If you prefer not to use SELPHY Photo Layout, press Back button. Check the information on the next screen, then press OK to display the Home screen.


  • We recommend using the dedicated SELPHY Photo Layout mobile app when printing from a smartphone.
  • To turn off SELPHY, hold down Power button again until the screen changes.