Connecting via WPS (PIN Mode)

These instructions are continued from Checking the Type of Access Point.

This is a connection mode available when using an access point compatible with WPS. In PIN code connection mode (PIN mode), an 8-digit identification number specified on the camera is set at the access point to establish a connection.

  • Even if there are multiple access points active in the surrounding area, a relatively reliable connection can be established using this shared identification number.
  • It may take approx. one minute to establish a connection.
  1. Select [Connect with WPS].

  2. Select [WPS (PIN mode)].

    • Select [OK] to proceed to the next screen.
  3. Specify the PIN code.

    • At the access point, specify the 8-digit PIN code displayed on the camera's monitor.
    • For instructions on setting PIN codes at the access point, refer to the access point's instruction manual.
    • After the PIN code is specified, select [OK].
  4. Connect to the access point.

    • Select [OK] to establish a connection with the access point.
    • When a connection with the access point is established, the next screen is displayed.

    Go to Setting the IP Address.