Editing a Movie's First and Last Scenes

You can edit out the first and last scenes of a movie in approx. 1-sec. increments.

  1. Pause movie playback.

    • The movie playback panel will appear.
  2. Press the Communication/Multi-access button, then specify the parts to edit out.

    • Select either [] (Cut beginning) or [] (Cut end).
    • Press the Left keyRight key keys to go back or forward one frame. Keep pressing the keys to fast rewind or fast forward frames.
    • After deciding which part to edit out, press the Quick Control/Set button. The portion indicated by a line at the bottom of the screen will remain.
  3. Check the edited movie.

    • Select [Playback] to play back the edited movie.
    • To change the edited part, go back to step 2.
    • To cancel the editing, press the MENU button.
  4. Save.

    • Select [Save and exit].
    • The save screen will appear.
    • To save it as a new file, select [New file]. To save it and overwrite the original movie file, select [Overwrite], and on the confirmation screen, select [OK].
    • The edited movie is saved, and display returns to the movie playback screen.


  • Because editing is performed in approx. 1 sec. increments (at the position indicated by [Specified position] at the bottom of the screen), the actual position where movies are trimmed may differ from your specified position.
  • Movies shot with another camera cannot be edited with this camera.
  • You cannot edit a movie when the camera is connected to a computer.
  • Editing is not possible while the camera is connected to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.
  • For extensive movie editing, consider using an optional household power outlet accessory.