Movie Auto Slow Shutter

You can choose whether to record movies that are brighter and less affected by image noise than when set to [Disable] by automatically slowing the shutter speed under low light.

Available in [Movies] recording mode. With [Movie IS mode], this feature is fixed to [Enable], and with [Smooth skin movie], to [Disable]. Applies when the frame rate of the movie recording size is 59.94 fps or 50.00 fps.

  1. Select [Shooting: Movie Auto slow shutter].

  2. Select an option.

    • Disable

      Enables you to record movies with smoother, more natural movement, less affected by subject shake than when set to [Enable]. Note that under low light, movies may be darker than when set to [Enable].

    • Enable

      Enables you to record brighter movies than when set to [Disable] by automatically reducing the shutter speed to 1/30 sec. (NTSC) or 1/25 sec. (PAL) under low light.


  • Setting to [Disable] is recommended when recording moving subjects under low light, or when afterimages such as trails may occur.