Erasing Images

Unneeded images to erase can be selected individually or all at once.


  • Once an image is erased, it cannot be recovered. Make sure you no longer need the image before erasing it.

Selecting ([Check]) Multiple Images to Erase Together

By adding checkmarks to the images to erase, you can erase all those images at once.

  1. Select [Playback: Erase images].

  2. Select [Select and erase images].

  3. Select an image.

    • Press the Shutter or Movie recording button to select an image to erase, then press SET.
    • To select another image to erase, repeat step 3.
  4. Erase the images.

    • Press the Menu button, then press [OK].

Erasing All Images on a Card

You can erase all the images on a card at once.