Movie Playback

  1. Switch to playback.

    • Select [Playback: Play].
  2. Select a movie.

    • Press the Shutter or Movie recording button to select a movie to play.
    • Images with Set buttonMovie files displayed in the upper left are movies.
  3. Press SET.

  4. Press SET to play the movie.

    • The movie will start playing back.
    • You can pause playback and display the movie playback panel by pressing SET. Press it again to resume playback.

Movie playback panel

Item Playback Operations
Playback Playback Each press of SET switches between playback and pausing playback.
Skip backward Skip backward Skips backward approx. 4 sec. each time you press SET.
Previous frame Previous frame Displays the previous frame each time you press SET. Holding SET down rewinds the movie.
Next frame Next frame Plays the movie frame-by-frame each time you press SET. Holding SET down fast-forwards the movie.
Skip forward Skip forward Skips forward approx. 4 sec. each time you press SET.
specified position Playback position
mm' ss" Playback time, with minutes (labeled ') followed by seconds (")
MENUReturn Press the MENU button to return to image playback.


  • Movie playback may stop if the card’s read speed is too slow or movie files have corrupted frames.
  • High internal camera temperature may prevent movie playback. Movie playback may also stop if the camera becomes hot during playback.
  • Sound is not audible when movies are played on this camera. To watch movies with audio playback, use a movie playback device.