Creative Assist

You can process RAW images by applying your preferred effects and saving as JPEGs.

  1. Select [Playback: Creative Assist].

  2. Select an image.

    • Use the Left keyRight key keys to select an image to process, then press the Quick Control/Set button.
  3. Select an effect.

    • Use the Dial dial to select the effect.
    • By selecting [Preset] and pressing the Quick Control/Set button, you can choose [VIVID], [SOFT], or other preset effects. [AUTO1], [AUTO2], and [AUTO3] are effects recommended by the camera based on image conditions.
    • You can select effects such as [Brightness] or [Contrast] by pressing the Quick Control/Set button and then using the Dial dial.
    • Press the Quick Control/Set button when adjustment is finished.
    • To reset the settings, press the AE lock button and select [OK] after a confirmation message is displayed.
    • To confirm the effect, press the AF point selection button.
  4. Select [OK] to save the image.