Zebra Settings

To help you adjust exposure before or during movie recording, you can display a striped pattern over or around image areas of a specified brightness.

  1. Select [Shooting: Zebra settings].

  2. Select [Zebra].

    • Select [On].
  3. Select [Zebra pattern].

    • [Zebra 1]: Displays left-slanting stripes around areas of the specified brightness.
    • [Zebra 2]: Displays right-slanting stripes over areas that exceed the specified brightness.
    • [Zebra 1+2]: Displays both [Zebra 1] and [Zebra 2].

      [Zebra 1] display takes precedence where [Zebra 1] and [Zebra 2] display areas overlap.

  4. Set the level.

    Zebra 1 level

    Zebra 2 level

    • Set with the Up keyDown key keys.


  • The maximum brightness value does not reach 100% when HDR-PQ is set. Note that the maximum brightness value varies depending on [Shooting: Highlight tone priority] and [Shooting: Picture Style] settings.
  • Checking the zebra display level in advance is recommended when you will set [Zebra pattern].