Importing Images to a Computer

You can use EOS software to import images from the camera to a computer. There are three ways to do this.

If you will import many images, consider using a household power outlet accessory (sold separately).

Connecting to a Computer with an Interface Cable

  1. Install EOS Utility ().

  2. Connect the camera to the computer.

    • Use the interface cable included with the camera.
    • When connecting the cable to the camera, use the cable protector () and insert the plug in the digital terminal.
    • Insert the other end of the cable into the computer's USB terminal (Type-C).
  3. Use EOS Utility to import the images.

    • Refer to the EOS Utility Instruction Manual.

Using a Card Reader

You can use a card reader to import images to a computer.

  1. Install Digital Photo Professional ().

  2. Insert the card into the card reader.

  3. Use Digital Photo Professional to import the images.

    • Refer to the Digital Photo Professional Instruction Manual.


  • When downloading images from the camera to a computer with a card reader without using EOS software, copy the DCIM folder on the card to the computer.

Connecting to a Computer via Wi-Fi

You can connect the camera to the computer via Wi-Fi and import images to the computer ().


  • By connecting to an FTP server, you can send images on the camera to a computer ().