Sending Images to a Web Service

This section describes how to send images to

Registering and Setting Up Auto Send

You can register on the camera and prepare to send your shots automatically.

  • A computer or smartphone with a browser and internet connection is required.
  • You will need to enter an email address used on your computer or smartphone.
  • For instructions on how to use services and details on countries and regions where it is available, visit the site (
  • Separate ISP connection and access point fees may apply.

Steps on the camera (1)

  1. On the camera, press the MENU button.

  2. Select [Communication Functions: Network settings].

  3. In [Network], select [Enable].

  4. Select [Upload to Web service].

  5. Select [I Agree].

  6. Select [New settings].

  7. Establish a Wi-Fi connection.

  8. Enter your email address.

    • Enter your email address, then select [OK].
  9. Enter a four-digit number.

    • Enter a four-digit number of your choice, then select [OK].
  10. Select [OK].

    • The [Web service] icon changes to [Update Web service].

Steps on the computer or smartphone

  1. Set up camera web link.

    • Access the page in the notification message.
    • Follow the instructions to complete the settings on the camera web link settings page.

Steps on the camera (2)

  1. Select [Upload to Web service].

  2. Select [OK].

    • The [Update Web service] icon changes to [Auto send].
  3. Select [Auto send].

    • Once [Enable] is set, images are automatically sent when you turn the camera on.
  4. Select [Type to send].

    • Set to [Stills only] or [Stills+movies].
  5. Restart the camera.

    • The images are now sent automatically.
  • To switch networks, select [Switch network] and follow steps 5–8.
  • To remove the connection, select [Clear camera web link settings] and then [OK].


  • All image files on cards are sent when [Auto send] is set to [Enable].
  • When [Auto send] is set to [Enable], auto send starts after the camera starts up (or recovers from auto power off).
  • Any images captured during auto sending are also sent.


  • Auto send does not start during interval timer shooting.
  • Transfer stops in the following cases.

    • [Communication Functions: Airplane mode] is set to [On]
    • Movie recording is started
    • A USB connection is started
    • Battery capacity is low
    • The camera's power switch is set to Power off
  • Auto send does not start if you restart the camera while other communication functions are in progress. Before restarting the camera, use [Connection settings] to end the connection for other functions.