Importing Images to a Smartphone

You can import images captured with the camera to a smartphone by connecting the smartphone to the camera with Multi-Function Shoe Adapter for Smartphone Link AD-P1 (sold separately, for Android smartphones only) or a USB cable.


  1. Select an option in [Set-up: Choose USB connection app] ().

    • Select [Photo Import/Remote Control] when connecting an Android smartphone, or when connecting an iPhone and using the Photos app.
    • Select [Canon app(s) for iPhone] when connecting an iPhone and using Camera Connect.
    • After the settings are complete, turn the camera off.
  2. Connect the camera to the smartphone with AD-P1 or a USB cable.

    • When using AD-P1, refer to the instruction manual included with AD-P1.
    • Use of a Canon USB cable (Interface Cable IFC-100U or IFC-400U) is recommended when connecting Android smartphones.
    • For details on USB cables used to connect iPhones, visit the Canon website.

Using Camera Connect

  1. Install Camera Connect on the smartphone and start it.

  2. Turn the camera on.

  3. Tap [Images on camera].

    • Select images displayed to import them to the smartphone.

Using Smartphone Features

  1. Turn the camera on.

  2. Use the smartphone to import images.

    • Android smartphones: In the [Files] menu, select [Canon Digital Camera ***], then import images in the DCIM folder.
    • iPhones: Start the Photos app, then import images from the card.