ND Filter

For optimal brightness in the scenes you shoot, Auto ND filter reduces light intensity to 1/8 the actual level, by an amount equivalent to three stops. Besides [Auto], you can also select [Off] or [On].

  1. Select [Shooting: ND filter].

  2. Select an option.


  • Selecting [On] or [Auto] makes it more likely that image noise will occur, even in bright scenes, because it is easier for the ISO speed to increase.
  • ND: Neutral Density
  • Precaution on using Auto ND filter

  • ND filter status does not change once recording begins for movie recording or streaming, even when [Auto] is set.
  • For best results, set to [Off] if you will go from a bright to a dark environment while recording movies.
  • [Shooting: ND filter] is set to [Off] when the camera is used as webcam.