Inserting/Removing Cards


  • Use of memory cards other than microSD / microSDHC / microSDXC cards is not supported.


  • The number of shots available varies depending on the card’s free space.
  • Reattach the card/terminal cover as shown below if it comes off.


  1. Open the cover.

    • After opening the card/terminal cover, flip it over to the right.
  2. Insert the card.

    • Insert the card with the label facing you. Inserting cards the wrong way may damage the camera.
  3. Close the cover.


  1. Open the cover.

    • Turn the camera off ().
    • After making sure the indicator lamp is off, open the cover and flip it over to the right.
  2. Remove the card.

    • Press the card in to eject it.
    • Pull the card straight out, then close the cover.


  • A lit indicator lamp indicates that the camera is writing to, reading from, erasing from, or transferring data to the card. Do not open the card/terminal cover at this time. To avoid image data corruption and damage to cards or the camera, never do any of the following while the indicator lamp is lit.

    • Removing the card
    • Shaking or striking the camera
  • If a card-related error message appears in the viewfinder, remove and reinsert the card. If the error persists, use a different card.

    If you can transfer images on the card to a computer, transfer all the images and then format the card with the camera (). The card may then return to normal.