Autoflash with Two Receiver Groups

Receivers can be divided into firing groups A and B, and you can adjust the lighting balance (flash ratio) between them.

Exposure is automatically controlled, so that the groups' combined output provides standard exposure.

  1. Press Select/Set.

    • Complete these settings on each receiver.
  2. Set the receiver firing group in (1).

    • Select either A or B for the firing group.
    • Set one receiver to A and another to B.
  3. Set the sender firing group in (2).

    • Complete steps 3–5 on the sender.
    • Turn the Select dial dial to select an option, then press Select/Set.
  4. Set to A:B.

    • Turn the Select dial dial to select A:B, then press Select/Set.
  5. Set the A:B flash ratio.

    • Press Select/Set to select the option shown in the figure.
    • Turn the Select dial dial to select the A:B flash ratio, then press Select/Set.
  6. Check the connection and make sure the flash units are charged.

    • Confirm that the LINK lamp is lit in green.
    • Confirm that the sender and receiver flash-ready lamps are lit.
    • Make sure Sender wireless not connected is not displayed on the sender LCD panel.
    • Confirm that the Receiver fully charged icon indicating completion of sender/receiver charging appears on the sender LCD panel (CHARGE is not displayed).
    • For details on sender LCD panel illumination, see LCD Panel Illumination.
  7. Take the picture.

    • The receivers fire at the flash ratio you have set.