Customizing Operation

This section describes ways to customize AF operation. You can also use a combination of customized settings.

Switching AF Areas with the Quick control dial 1 Dial

You can switch AF areas with the Quick control dial 1 dial as you look through the viewfinder.

  1. In [Custom Functions: Customize dials], select [Quick control dial].

  2. Select [Select AF area].

    • You can now switch AF areas with the Quick control dial 1 dial.


  • Before switching among Flexible Zone AF 1–3, it is convenient to change the Zone AF frame to your preferred size ().

Choosing One Subject from Several People with Multi-controller

You can choose one subject from several people to lock the tracking frame on that person.


  • Before this customization, some other settings must be set as follows.

    • [AF area]: [Whole area AF]
    • [Whole area tracking Servo AF]: [On]
    • [Subject to detect]: [People]
    • [Eye detection]: Other than [Disable]
  1. In [Custom Functions: Customize buttons], set [Multi-controller] to [Direct AF point selection].

  2. Press the INFO button, and in [Direct sel. on Multi-controller press], select [Start/stop whole area AF tracking].

  3. Press the shutter button halfway, then release it.

    • A tracking frame (AF point adjustment) is displayed if multiple subjects are detected.
  4. Use Multi-controller to set your preferred subject.

    • Either press Multi-controller straight in or press it left or right.

      The tracking frame changes to [Subject tracking adjustment] and locks on to that subject for tracking.

    • To release locked tracking, press Multi-controller.


    • [] is not displayed on both sides of the frame during Servo AF, even if multiple subjects are detected.
    • During Servo AF, it is not possible to switch to a different type of subject than the one being tracked.

Adjusting the Zone AF Frame Size

You can resize the Zone AF frame displayed for Flexible Zone AF 1–3.

  1. Press the AF point selection button during shooting screen display.

  2. Press the Multi-function button repeatedly, select Flexible Zone AF 1, 2, or 3, then press the RATE button.

  3. Adjust the Zone AF frame size.

    • Use the Main dial or Quick control dial 1 dial to adjust the Zone AF frame size, then press the SET button.
    • To restore the default setting, press the INFO button.