Frame Extraction from 4K Movies

From 4K movies, you can select individual frames to save as JPEG or HEIF still images. This is referred to as “frame grabbing.”

  1. Select a 4K movie.

    • Use the Left keyRight key keys for selection.
    • On the shooting information screen (), 4K movies are labeled with [4K] icons.
    • In index display, press the Quick Control/Set button to switch to single-image display.
  2. In single-image display, press the Quick Control/Set button.

  3. Select [Playback].

    • The movie will start playing back.
  4. Press the Quick Control/Set button to pause the movie.

    • The movie playback panel will appear.
  5. Select a frame to grab.

    • Use the movie playback panel to select the frame to grab as a still image.
    • For movie playback panel instructions, see Movie playback panel.
  6. Press the AF point selection button, then select [Frame Grab].

  7. Save.

    • Select [OK] to save the current frame as a JPEG still image.

      HEIF images are saved if you grab frames from movies recorded with [Shooting: HDR shooting HDR PQ] set to [Enable].

    • Check the destination folder and image file number.
  8. Select the image to display.

    • Select [View original movie] or [View extracted still image].


  • Frame grabbing is not possible from the following 4K movies.

    • Movies recorded with other cameras
  • Frame grabbing is not possible while the camera is connected to a computer.