Movie Recording

Movies Autoexposure Movie Recording

Exposure is controlled automatically to suit the brightness.

  1. Set the Mode dial to Movies.

  2. Select [Shooting: Shooting mode].

  3. Select [Movie auto exposure].

  4. Focus on the subject.

    • Before recording a movie, focus with AF () or manual focus ().
    • By default, [Autofocus: Movie Servo AF] is set to [Enable] so that the camera always keeps focusing ().
    • When you press the shutter button halfway, the camera focuses using your specified AF area.
  5. Record the movie.

    • Press the movie shooting button to start recording a movie. You can also start recording a movie by tapping [Movie recording] on the screen.
    • [Focus indicatorREC] (1) is displayed in the upper right while movie recording is in progress, and a red frame around the screen blinks.
    • Sound is recorded with the movie microphone (2).
    • To stop recording the movie, press the movie shooting button again. You can also stop recording a movie by tapping [Stop movie] on the screen.

ISO Speed in [Movies] Mode

ISO speed is set automatically. See ISO Speed in Movie Recording.

Movie manual exposure Manual Exposure Movie Recording

You can manually set the shutter speed, aperture value, and ISO speed for movie recording.

  1. Set the Mode dial to Movies.

  2. Select [Shooting: Shooting mode].

  3. Select [Movie manual exp.].

  4. Set the shutter speed, aperture value, and ISO speed.

    • Press the shutter button halfway and check the exposure level indicator.
    • Press the Up key key to select shutter speed, aperture value, exposure level, or ISO speed, then turn the Dial dial to set a value.
    • ISO speed can also be set by pressing the ISO button.
    • Available shutter speeds vary by frame rate ().
  5. Focus and record the movie.


  • During movie recording, avoid changing the shutter speed, aperture value, or ISO speed, which may record changes in the exposure or create more noise at high ISO speeds.
  • When recording a movie of a moving subject, a shutter speed of approx. 1/25 sec. to 1/125 sec. is recommended. The faster the shutter speed, the less smooth the subject's movement will look.
  • If you change the shutter speed while recording under fluorescent or LED lighting, image flicker may be recorded.


  • When ISO Auto is set, you can press the AE lock button to lock the ISO speed. After locking during movie recording, ISO speed lock can be canceled by pressing the AE lock button again.
  • If you press the AE lock button and recompose the shot, you can see the exposure level difference on the exposure level indicator () compared to when the AE lock button was pressed.

ISO Speed in [Movie manual exposure] Mode

You can set the ISO speed manually or select [AUTO] to set it automatically. For details on ISO speed, see ISO Speed in Movie Recording.

Shutter Speed

Available shutter speeds in [Movie manual exposure] mode vary depending on the frame rate you have set for your specified movie recording size.

Frame Rate Shutter Speed (Sec.)
Normal Movie Recording High Frame Rate Movie Recording
119.9 fps 1/4000–1/125
100.0 fps 1/4000–1/100
59.94 fps 1/4000–1/8
50.00 fps
29.97 fps
25.00 fps
23.98 fps

Movie for close-up demos Close-Up Demo Movie Recording

Subjects near the camera can be given priority for focusing. This is useful for demonstrations, product reviews, or similar situations.

  1. Set the Mode dial to Movies.

  2. Select [Shooting: Shooting mode].

  3. Select [Movie for close-up demos].

  4. Record the close-up demo movie.

    • Record the movie in the same way as normal movie recording.


    • No AF points are displayed.
    • Subjects cannot be selected manually.

Movie IS mode IS Mode Movie Recording

You can reduce camera shake as movies are recorded. This can provide effective stabilization even when non-IS lenses are used. When using an IS lens, set the Image Stabilizer switch to ON.

  1. Set the Mode dial to Movies.

  2. Select [Shooting: Shooting mode].

  3. Select [Movie IS mode].


    • By default, [Movie Digital IS] is set to [Enhanced].
  4. Select a stabilization option.

    • Press the AE lock button.
    • Off (Movie digital IS disable): Deactivates image stabilization. Movies are recorded with a normal angle of view.
    • On (Movie digital IS enable): Activates image stabilization. The image will be slightly magnified.
    • Enhanced (Movie digital IS enhanced): Activates stronger image stabilization than for [On]. The image will be more magnified.
    • Auto level (Movie auto level): Keeps images horizontally level during movie recording.


    • To avoid close-ups of your face when the screen is facing the front of the camera for recording that will include your face, you can switch the IS mode from [Movie digital IS enhanced] (enhanced) to [Movie digital IS enable] (on) to [Movie digital IS disable] (off), which zooms out each time. Otherwise, you can tap [Zoom out] to change the setting directly.
  5. Record the movie.

    • Record the movie in the same way as normal movie recording.

HDR movie recording HDR Movie Recording

You can record high dynamic range movies that retain detail in highlights of high-contrast scenes.


  • Movies are recorded at Full HD29.97 fpsIPB (Standard) (NTSC) or Full HD25.00 fpsIPB (Standard) (PAL).
  1. Set the Mode dial to Movies.

  2. Select [Shooting: Shooting mode].

  3. Select [HDR Movie].

  4. Record an HDR movie.

    • Record the movie in the same way as normal movie recording.
    • For details on file sizes and the recording time available, see Movie recording.


  • Since multiple frames are merged to create an HDR movie, certain parts of the movie may look distorted. This is more noticeable in handheld recording affected by camera shake, so consider using a tripod. Note that even if a tripod is used for recording, afterimages or noise may become more noticeable, compared to normal playback, when the HDR movie is played back frame-by-frame or in slow motion.
  • Image color and brightness may change significantly for a moment if you change settings for HDR movie recording. Also, the movie will not be updated for a moment, and the frame stops momentarily. Be aware of this when recording movies to external devices via HDMI.

Movie auto exposure Custom Shooting Mode

You can record using the settings registered to [Set-up: Custom shooting mode (C mode)] ().

By default, [Movie auto exposure] recording is used.

  1. Set the Mode dial to Movies.

  2. Select [Shooting: Shooting mode].

  3. Select [Movie auto exposure] or [Movie manual exposure].

    [Movie auto exposure] is displayed when [Movie auto exposure] is registered to [Custom shooting mode (C mode)], and [Movie manual exposure] is displayed when [Movie manual exp.] is registered.

  4. Focus and record the movie.

    • For details, see the instructions for your registered shooting mode.

Still Photo Shooting

Still photo shooting is not supported in movie recording mode. To shoot still photos, turn the Mode dial to switch to another shooting mode.

Information Display (Movie Recording)

For details on the icons on the movie recording screen, see Information Display.


  • The remaining time displayed for movie recording is only a guideline.
  • Movie recording may stop before the initially displayed recording time elapses if the red [Overheating restriction (red)] icon appears due to high internal camera temperature during recording ().