Display Performance

You can select the performance parameter to prioritize in shooting screen display for still photos.

  1. Select [Shooting: Disp. performance].

  2. Select an option.

    When set to [Smooth]

    • By pressing the INFO button to add a checkmark, you can include low-light locations in the scenarios for suppressing lower display frame rates.
    • The high frame rate (119.88 fps) display of the [Smooth] option is used for shooting standby in viewfinder shooting.


  • Some shooting conditions and camera operations may prevent smooth, high frame rate display, even when set to [Smooth].
  • Shooting under low light with [Suppress lower frame rate] set for shooting screen display may affect performance as follows.

    • Faster battery consumption
    • Fewer shots available
    • Lower image display brightness
    • Difficulty in autofocusing
    • Lower metering precision
    • Lower flicker detection precision
    • Lower subject detection precision