Long Exposure Noise Reduction

Noise such as dots of light or banding that tends to occur in long exposures at shutter speeds of one sec. or slower can be reduced.

  1. Select [Shooting: Long exp. noise reduction].

  2. Set a reduction option.

    • Auto

      For images exposed for 1 sec. or longer, noise reduction is performed automatically if noise typical of long exposures is detected. This setting is effective enough in most cases.

    • Enable

      Noise reduction is performed for all images exposed for 1 sec. or longer. The [Enable] setting may reduce noise that cannot be detected with the [Auto] setting.


  • With [Auto] or [Enable] set, noise reduction after you shoot may take as long as exposure for the shot.
  • Images may look grainier with the [Enable] setting than with the [Disable] or [Auto] setting.
  • [BUSY] is displayed as noise is reduced, and the shooting screen is not displayed until processing is finished, when you can shoot again.