Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)

In exposure bracketing, three consecutive images are captured at different exposures within your specified range of up to ±3 stops (in 1/3-stop increments) by automatically adjusting the shutter speed, aperture value, or ISO speed.

AEB stands for Auto Exposure Bracketing.

  1. Select [Shooting: Expo.comp./AEB].

  2. Set the AEB range.

    • Turn the Dial dial to set the AEB range (1). By using the Left keyRight key keys, you can set the amount of exposure compensation.
    • Press the Quick Control/Set button to set it.
    • Once an AEB range is set, it is shown on the screen on the exposure level indicator.
  3. Take the picture.

    Standard exposure

    Decreased exposure

    Increased exposure

    • Three bracketed shots are taken, according to the specified drive mode, in this sequence: Standard exposure, decreased exposure, and increased exposure.
    • AEB will not be automatically canceled. To cancel AEB, follow step 2 to turn off the AEB range display.


  • Exposure compensation in AEB may be less effective with [Shooting: Auto Lighting Optimizer] () set to an option other than [Disable].


  • If the drive mode is set to [Single shooting], press the shutter button three times for each shot. In [High-speed continuous shooting plus], [High-speed continuous shooting], or [Low-speed continuous shooting] mode, holding down the shutter button completely captures three images, one after another, before the camera automatically stops shooting. When [10 sec. self-timer] or [2 sec. self-timer] is set, three consecutive shots are captured after a delay of 10 or 2 sec. When set to [Self-timer: Continuous shooting], three times the specified number of shots are taken in continuous shooting.
  • You can set AEB in combination with exposure compensation.
  • AEB is not available in flash photography or bulb exposures, in HDR mode, or with Multi Shot Noise Reduction, focus bracketing, or shooting creative filters.
  • AEB is canceled automatically after the power switch is set to Power off and after the flash is fully charged.