Using the Viewfinder

Look through the viewfinder to activate it. You can also restrict display to either the screen or viewfinder ().

Adjusting the Viewfinder

  1. Turn the dioptric adjustment knob.

    • Turn the knob left or right to make the viewfinder display look sharp.


  • The viewfinder and screen cannot be activated at the same time.
  • At some aspect ratios, black bars are displayed on the top and bottom or left and right edges of the screen. These areas are not recorded.

Using Eyecup ER-hE (Sold Separately)

Using Eyecup ER-hE may help improve eye control accuracy under intense light sources and enhance viewfinder visibility outdoors.

  1. Detach the eyecup.

    • Press in the position indicated.
  2. Attach Eyecup ER-hE.

    • Hold the eyecup as shown.
    • Slide along the viewfinder eyepiece grooves to attach, and press all the way in.
    • You can rotate Eyecup ER-hE as necessary for adjustment. It clicks every 90° and can be rotated 360°.
  3. To remove Eyecup ER-hE:

    • Hold the eyecup as shown in step 2 and lift straight up.