Viewfinder Display

  1. Select [Set-up: Viewfinder display].

  2. Select an item.

    • Select with the Up key Down key keys, then press SET.

Electronic Level

The electronic level appears when you press the shutter button halfway. Also available in vertical shooting.

  1. (1)Electronic level
  2. (2)Horizontal
  3. (3)Tilted 1°
  4. (4)Tilted 2° or more


  • Only horizontal tilt can be checked. (Forward/backward tilt is not displayed.)
  • There may be a margin of error of approx. ±1°.


  • An asterisk “*” to the right of [Set-up: Viewfinder display] indicates that the default viewfinder display setting has been changed.


You can display a grid in the viewfinder to help you check the camera tilt or compose the shot.

Flicker Detection

If you set this function, Flicker will appear in the viewfinder when the camera detects flicker caused by the blinking of the light source.


  • If you set [Shooting: Anti-flicker shoot.] to [Enable], you can shoot with reduced unevenness of exposure caused by the flicker ().