Responding to Error Messages

Resolve any errors displayed in the viewfinder by referring to these examples of corrective actions.

11 12

11: Connection target not found

  • Is Camera Connect running?

    • Establish a connection using Camera Connect ().

12: Connection target not found

  • Is the smartphone on?

    • Turn on the smartphone and wait a while. If a connection still cannot be established, perform the procedures to establish the connection again.

Communication Function Precautions

In case of slower transmission, lost connections, choppy image display, or other problems when using communication functions, try the following corrective actions.

If the wireless LAN transmission rate drops due to interference from the following electronic devices, stop using them or establish a connection away from them.

  • In IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless networks, the camera communicates on the 2.4 GHz band. For this reason, the wireless LAN transmission rate may drop if there are nearby Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, cordless telephones, microphones, smartphones, or similar devices operating on the same frequency band.


If security settings have not been properly set, the following problems may occur.

  • Transmission monitoring

    Third parties with malicious intent may monitor wireless LAN transmissions and attempt to acquire the data you are sending.

  • Unauthorized network access

    Third parties with malicious intent may gain unauthorized access to the network you are using to steal, modify, or destroy information. Additionally, you could fall victim to other types of unauthorized access such as impersonation (where someone assumes an identity to gain access to unauthorized information) or springboard attacks (where someone gains unauthorized access to your network as a springboard to cover their tracks when infiltrating other systems).

It is recommended to make use of the systems and functions to thoroughly secure your network, preventing these types of problems from occurring.