Attaching and Removing

Attaching the Microphone to the Camera

  1. Turn off the camera's power

  2. Remove the shoe cover from the accessory shoe on the camera

  3. Remove the cover from the microphone

  4. Attach the microphone to the accessory shoe on the camera

    • Insert the mounting foot of the microphone until it clicks into the accessory shoe on the camera.
  5. Secure the microphone

    • Slide the mounting foot lock lever.
    • Lock it so it clicks.


  • Make sure the microphone is securely attached. Loose attachment may cause malfunctioning, and the microphone may fall off.
  • Do not touch the contacts with your fingers. This may lead to corrosion. Corroded contacts may cause malfunctioning.
  • Blow off any foreign material on the multi-function shoe with a commercially available blower or similar tool.
  • Allow the multi-function shoe to dry before use if it gets wet.

Attaching the Wind Screen to the Microphone

This has the effect of reducing noise from wind, etc.


  • Do not pull on or wash the wind screen, as fibers can easily come out due to the material it is made from. A loss of fibers causes a reduction in the noise reduction effect of the wind screen.
  • Do not use or store the wind screen in a high-temperature location, such as inside a car under the hot sun. Doing so will cause the base material to harden and the fibers to wither.
  • Take care to ensure that fibers that come out of the wind screen do not enter the camera.

Removing the Microphone from the Camera

  1. Turn off the camera's power

  2. Release the lock

    • While pressing the lock-release button, slide the lock lever.
  3. Remove the microphone from the camera

    • Put the cover on the microphone's contacts to protect the contacts.