Remote Bulb Shooting

Remote Bulb Shooting

  1. Display the capture window ().

  2. Click the shooting mode icon and select [BULB].

    • Specify the following settings for cameras other than EOS-1D X Mark III, 1D X Mark II, 1D X, 1D C, R3, R5, R5 C and R/Ra.

      • For cameras with B (bulb) on the Mode dial, set to B.
      • For cameras without B (bulb) on the Mode dial, set the Mode dial to M (manual), and select [BULB] in the capture window or set the camera's shutter speed to [BULB].
  3. Set the aperture value.

  4. Click [Timer].

  5. Enter the exposure time and click [Start].

    • Enter a value in the range 00:05–99:59, in one-second increments.


  • You can start and stop remote bulb shooting without setting an exposure time by clicking [Shoot button].

Setting the Bulb Timer

EOS 5Ds/5Ds R5D Mark IVR3R5R5 CR6R7R8R10R50R/RaRP6D Mark II7D Mark II90D80D77DM6 Mark II

Bulb shooting without holding down the shutter button is possible by setting a bulb exposure time in [Bulb timer settings].

  1. Click [Remote shooting mode 2] in the capture window.

  2. Select [Bulb timer settings].

  3. Configure the setting.

    • Select [Enable].
    • Set the exposure time. The setting range is 00:00:00–99:59:59.

    • Select [Disable] to deactivate the bulb timer during the next bulb exposure.
    • Entering 00:00:00 as the exposure time sets the bulb timer to [Disable].
  4. Click [OK].