About This Guide

Icons in this Manual

Select dial Indicates the select dial.
Timer 12 seconds / Timer 16 seconds Indicates that the respective function remains active for approx. 12 sec. or 16 sec. after you let go of the button.
  • In addition, icons used on the flash, such as the buttons and displays on the monitor etc., are used to describe the operation buttons and setting positions in the manual.
Link Indicates a link to a related topic.

Describes the precautions to take to prevent shooting problems.

Supplementary information

Describes supplementary information and explanations.

The to the right of the page title indicates that the function works when the camera is in the Flexible AE Program AE Shutter priority AE Aperture-priority AE Bulb Manual exposure shooting mode (Advanced Shooting Zone).

Troubleshooting Provides troubleshooting information.

Assumptions in Operating Instructions

  • The operation procedures assume that both the Speedlite and the camera's power switches are turned ON ().
  • The icons used for buttons, dials, and symbols in the text match the icons found on the Speedlite and the camera.
  • To set a function, press the joystick up / down / left / right or turn Select dial to select the function.
  • To end function setup, press the Undo button.
  • The operation procedures assume that the Custom Functions and Personal Functions of the Speedlite, and the menu and Custom Functions of the camera are at their default settings.