Editing a Movie's First and Last Scenes

You can edit out the first and last scenes of a movie in approx. 1-sec. increments.

  1. Press the Quick Control/Set button to pause movie playback.

    • The movie playback panel will appear.
  2. Press the AF point selection button, then select [Edit].

  3. Specify the part to be edited out.

    • Select either [] (Cut beginning) or [] (Cut end).
    • Press the Left button Right button keys to go back or forward one frame. Keep pressing the keys to fast rewind or fast forward frames. Each turn of the Quick control dial dial goes back or forward one frame.
    • After deciding which part to edit out, press the Quick Control/Set button. The portion indicated by a line at the bottom of the screen will remain.
  4. Check the edited movie.

    • Select [Playback] to play back the edited movie.
    • To change the edited part, go back to step 3.
    • To cancel the editing, press the MENU button.
  5. Save.

    • Select [Save and exit] (1).
    • The save screen will appear.
    • To save it as a new file, select [New file], or to save it and overwrite the original movie file, select [Overwrite].
      Select [Save compressed] (2) to save a compressed version of the file. 4K movies are converted to Full HD movies before compression.
    • On the confirmation screen, select [OK] to save the edited movie and return to the movie playback screen.


  • Because editing is performed in approx. 1 sec. increments (at the position indicated by [Specified position] at the bottom of the screen), the actual position where movies are trimmed may differ from your specified position.
  • Movies shot with another camera cannot be edited with this camera.
  • You cannot edit a movie when the camera is connected to a computer.
  • Compress and save is not available for the following movies.

    • Movies recorded with [Shooting: HDR shooting HDR PQ] set to [Enable]
    • Movies recorded with [Shooting: Canon Log settings] set to [On (C.LOG3)]
    • Movies recorded in Full HD29.97 fpsIPB (Light) (NTSC), Full HD25.00 fpsIPB (Light) (PAL), or Full HD23.98 fpsIPB (Light) (NTSC) sizes
    • Movies may not be compressed when the remaining battery capacity is low. Use of a fully charged battery or a household power outlet accessory (sold separately) is recommended.
    • For extensive movie editing, consider using an optional household power outlet accessory.