False Color Settings

Color-coded display in six colors based on the brightness level is shown on the screen during movie recording. This can help you adjust the exposure.

  1. Select [Shooting: False color set.].

  2. Select [False color].

    • Select [On].
  3. Adjust the exposure as needed ().

    • Adjust the exposure, referring to false color descriptions in False Color Display if necessary.

False Color Display

False color display is available for images on the camera screen and viewfinder. On the following types of external monitors, the actual image is displayed.

  • External monitors connected via HDMI
  • External monitors used with Camera Connect or EOS Utility
Color Meaning
Red White clipping
Yellow Just below white clipping
Pink One stop over 18% gray
Green 18% gray
Blue Just above black clipping
Purple Black clipping
Neutral color Brightness other than above


  • Colors indicating the brightness level may change when the screen switches between recording standby and movie recording, and under some shooting settings.


  • The following features are not available when the camera is set to use false colors.

    • Time-lapse movies
    • Auto Lighting Optimizer
    • Zebra display
    • View Assist for Canon Log
    • MF peaking