Pre-Recording Setting

With pre-recording, automatic movie recording is already in progress a specified amount of time before you manually start recording.

This preliminary recording is referred to as pre-recording. The camera pre-records automatically during standby in movie recording mode.

  1. Select [Shooting: Pre-recording set.].

  2. Select [Pre-recording].

    • Select [On].
  3. Select [Recording time].

    • Select the amount of time for pre-recording, before recording is started manually.
  4. Record the movie.

    • Record the movie in the same way as normal movie recording.
    • Movies are recorded with the pre-recorded part added.


    • Restrictions during pre-recording

    • The following items are not displayed on the movie recording screen.

      • Electronic level
      • Histogram
      • Some Quick Control settings (functionality is limited during pre-recording)
    • Touch sounds are not played.
    • The following operations and camera status pauses pre-recording. While pre-recording is paused, [Pre-recording/Pre-recording] blinks in the upper right of the movie recording screen.

      • Attaching or detaching a lens
      • Connecting via HDMI
      • Using EOS Utility (when connected via USB)
      • Turning the Mode dial
      • Turning the camera off/on
      • Opening/closing the card/battery compartment cover
      • Low remaining battery level
      • High camera temperature
    • [Shooting: Standby: Low res.] is set to [Off] and cannot be changed ().


    • Current information when recording begins is applied to movie Exif information.