Dust Delete Data Acquisition

Dust Delete Data used to erase dust spots can be appended to images in case sensor cleaning leaves dust on the sensor. The Dust Delete Data is used by Digital Photo Professional (EOS software) to erase the dust spots automatically.


  • Use an RF or EF lens.
  • Prepare a solid white object such as a sheet of paper.
  • Set the lens focal length to 50 mm or longer.
  • Set the focus mode to MF () and focus manually at infinity (∞). If the lens has no distance scale, rotate the camera to face toward you and turn the focusing ring clockwise all the way.
  1. Select [Shooting: Dust Delete Data].

  2. Select [OK].

    • After the automatic self-cleaning of the sensor is performed, a message will appear. Although there will be a mechanical sound of the shutter during the cleaning, no picture is taken.
  3. Shoot a plain white object.

    • Shoot with a plain white object (such as a new sheet of white paper) filling the screen, at a distance of 20–30 cm (0.7–1.0 ft.).
    • Since the image will not be saved, the data can still be obtained even if there is no card in the camera.
    • When the picture is taken, the camera will start collecting the Dust Delete Data. When the Dust Delete Data is obtained, a message will appear.
    • If the data is not obtained successfully, an error message will appear. Check the information in Preparation, select [OK], and shoot again.

Dust Delete Data Appending

The camera will append the Dust Delete Data obtained to all shots from now on. Acquiring Dust Delete Data immediately before shooting is recommended.

For details about using Digital Photo Professional (EOS software) to erase dust spots automatically, refer to the Digital Photo Professional Instruction Manual.

File size is essentially unaffected by Dust Delete Data appended to images.


  • Dust Delete Data is not obtained when RF-S/EF-S lenses are used, or when [Shooting: StillsCropping/aspect ratio] is set to [1.6x (crop)].
  • Dust Delete Data is not added to images when [Distortion correction] is set to [Enable].
  • If the object has any pattern or design, it may be recognized as dust data and affect the accuracy of the dust deletion with the Digital Photo Professional (EOS software).