Hybrid Auto

With Hybrid Auto mode, you can make a short movie of the day just by shooting still photos. The camera records approx. 2–4-second clips of scenes before each shot, which are later combined in a digest movie.

  1. Set the Mode dial to Hybrid Auto.

  2. Press the Quick Control/Set button.

    • Compose your shots and shoot.


  • For more impressive digest movies, keep the camera aimed at subjects for about 4 sec. before shooting still photos.
  • To record digest movies that do not include still photos, set [Shooting: Digest type] to [No stills] ().
  • Battery life is shorter in this mode than in Scene Intelligent Auto mode, because digest movies are recorded for each shot.
  • A digest movie may not be recorded if you shoot a still photo immediately after turning the camera on, selecting Hybrid Auto mode, or operating the camera in other ways.
  • Any sounds and vibrations from your camera or lens operations will be recorded in digest movies.
  • The AF-assist beam or self-timer lamp may be recorded in digest movies in low-light locations.
  • Digest movie image quality is [Full HD 29.97 fps ALL-I] for NTSC or [Full HD 25.00 fps ALL-I] for PAL. This varies depending on the video system setting.
  • The camera does not beep in response to operations such as pressing the shutter button halfway or using the self-timer.
  • Digest movies are saved as separate movie files in the following cases even if they were recorded on the same day in Hybrid Auto mode.

    • The digest movie file size exceeds 4 GB (when recording to cards that are not exFAT-formatted)
    • Changes are made to date, time zone, video system, or daylight saving time settings, or the card is switched
    • The digest movie file intended for additional recording is protected
    • Author or copyright information of the digest movie file intended for additional recording differs from that set on the camera
  • Recorded shutter sounds cannot be modified or erased.
  • When using EOS Utility to shoot, set [Image saving location] in EOS Utility to [Computer and camera memory card] or [Camera memory card only].