Using an Optional USB Power Adapter to Charge the Camera

Using USB Power Adapter PD-E1 (sold separately), you can charge Battery Pack LP-E19 without removing it from the camera.

  1. Connect the USB power adapter.

    • With the camera power switch set to Power off, insert the USB power adapter plug fully into the Digital terminal.
  2. Connect the power cord.

    • Connect the power cord to the USB power adapter and plug the other end into a power outlet.
    • Charging begins, and the access lamp (1) is lit in green.
    • [Charging in progress] is displayed on the LCD panel.
    • When charging is finished, the access lamp turns off.


  • To protect the battery pack and keep it in optimal condition, do not charge it continuously for more than 24 hours.
  • Charged batteries gradually lose their charge, even when they are not used.
  • If the charging lamp fails to light up or a problem occurs during charging (shown by the access lamp blinking in green), unplug the power cord, reinsert the battery, and wait a few minutes before plugging it in again. If the problem persists, take the camera to the nearest Canon Service Center.
  • The charging time required and the amount charged vary depending on ambient temperature and remaining capacity.
  • For safety, charging in low temperatures takes longer.
  • The camera cannot be powered with USB Power Adapter PD-E1.
  • Some commercially available power adapters have been confirmed to charge and power the camera. For details, check the Canon website ().