Cables Compatible with iPhones

Operation with the following USB cables has been verified with the cameras listed below connected to an iPhone (as of May 2023).

Regardless of which cable is used, set the camera power to Power off before connecting the cable.

  • EOS R3
  • EOS R7
  • EOS R10
  • EOS R6 Mark II
  • EOS R8
  • EOS R50

Note that a cable cannot be used to connect the EOS R100 to an iPhone.

  • When connecting a USB Type-C to Lightning cable

    Use an Anker 514 Lightning to USB-C Accessory Cable (0.9 m, for Camera), which is MFi-certified.

  • When connecting a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable

    Genuine Canon accessories are recommended (Interface Cable IFC-100U or IFC-400U).