Inserting/Removing Cards


  • Use of memory cards other than microSD / microSDHC / microSDXC cards is not supported.


  1. Open the cover.

    • Turn the camera off ().
    • After making sure the indicator is off, open the cover and rotate it out of the way.
  2. Insert the card.

    • Insert the card with the label face-down. Inserting cards the wrong way may damage the camera.
  3. Close the cover.


  1. Open the cover.

    • Turn the camera off ().
  2. Remove the card.

    • Press the card in to eject it.
    • Pull the card straight out, then close the cover.


  • A lit indicator indicates that the camera is writing to, reading from, erasing from, or transferring data to the card. Do not open the card slot cover during this time. To avoid image data corruption and damage to cards or the camera, never do any of the following while the indicator is lit.

    • Removing the card
    • Shaking or striking the camera
  • If a card-related error message is displayed on the screen, remove and reinsert the card. If the error persists, use a different card.

    If you can transfer images on the card to a computer, transfer all the images and then format the card with the camera (). The card may then return to normal.