Designed for EOS cameras equipped with a multi-function shoe, the Canon EL-10 is an external Speedlite compatible with E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash. In normal flash photography, it can be used as an on-camera flash attached to a multi-function shoe, and in radio transmission wireless flash photography, it can be used as a sender or receiver.

  • Read before use

    To avoid shooting problems and accidents, first read the Safety Instructions. Also read this Advanced User Guide carefully to ensure correct use.

  • Read in conjunction with the camera instruction manual

    Before use, read this guide and the Advanced User Guide of your camera to familiarize yourself with operations and ensure correct use.

    * Explanations in this guide are based on use with an EOS Digital camera.

  • Precaution on continuous flash firing

    Flash units fire repeatedly in continuous shooting with flash or when you shoot with features such as stroboscopic or modeling flash. Some people may experience seizures or similar symptoms from visual overstimulation caused by continuous flash firing (including light reflected off brightly colored walls or other surfaces). If you or others experience these symptoms, stop firing the flash units immediately.