Printing from Windows

You can print from Windows using Mopria.

  1. Connect SELPHY to a wireless router ().

  2. Confirm that SELPHY is connected to the same router as your computer.

    • Confirm that the router is identified on the bottom of the Home screen, and that the antenna icon has no red ×.

Steps on the computer

  1. Select [Settings] in the Start menu.

  2. Select [Devices].

  3. Select [Printers & scanners], and then click [Add a printer or scanner].

  4. Select [Canon SELPHY CP1500], and then click [Add device].

  5. Access the printing dialog box.

    • Start the photo software, select images to print, and access the printing dialog box.
    • As the destination printer, choose [Canon SELPHY CP1500].
  6. Choose printing options.

    • Choose a paper size corresponding to the size of paper and ink cassettes in SELPHY. Also choose bordered or borderless printing as an option with the listed paper sizes.
    • Choose the printing orientation and number of copies, as desired.
  7. Print.

    • To print other images, repeat steps 7–9.