Second-Curtain Sync

Shooting with a slow shutter speed and second-curtain sync captures the trail of the light sources of a moving subject, such as car lights, in a natural way. The flash fires right before the exposure finishes (shutter closes).

  1. Push the joystick vertically.

  2. Select an item in (1).

    • Push the joystick up / down / left / right or turn Select dial to select an item, and push the joystick vertically.
  3. Select Second-curtain sync.

    • Press the joystick to the left or right, turn Select dial to select Second-curtain sync to select, then push the joystick vertically.


  • The second-curtain sync works well when the camera's shooting mode is set to Bulb (bulb shooting).
  • When the flash mode is set to ETTL, the flash fires twice. The first flash is a preflash to determine the flash output. It is not a malfunction.
  • To return to normal flash, select First-curtain sync (first curtain sync) in step 3 (First-curtain sync is not displayed on the screen after setting).