Canon Speedlite EL-1 is an external flash for the EOS that is compatible with the E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash. The Speedlite can be used as an on-camera flash that attaches to the hot shoe of the camera (normal shooting), and as a sender / receiver unit during radio transmission / optical transmission wireless flash shooting. In addition to these functions, the Speedlite also has dust and water resistance equivalent to EOS-1D series cameras.

  • Be sure to read this manual before use.

    To avoid botched pictures and accidents, first read the Safety Instructions. Also, read this "Advanced User Guide" carefully to ensure that you use the flash correctly.

  • Read this instruction manual while also referring to your camera's instruction manual.

    Before using the product, read this "Advanced User Guide" and the detailed guide of your camera to familiarize yourself with their operations.

    * This "Advanced User Guide" assumes that the Speedlite is used in combination with an EOS DIGITAL camera.

  • Using the Speedlite in combination with an EOS film camera

    When the Speedlite is used in combination with an EOS film camera with E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash, pictures can be taken with the autoflash. When used in combination with a TTL autoflash EOS film camera, pictures cannot be taken with the autoflash.

  • Cautions when using continuous flash

    Flashes will fire repeatedly in continuous shooting using a flash, multi-flash shooting, modeling flash, etc. Some people may experience seizures, etc. due to visual overstimulation from continuous flashes (including light reflected off brightly colored walls, etc.). Stop using flashes immediately if any symptoms emerge.