Registering IPTC Information

You can edit and register the IPTC* information in the camera (captions, credits, comment information such as shooting location). You can add IPTC information registered in the camera to captured images.

International Press Telecommunications Council

  1. Select [IPTC info].

    • The screen for editing IPTC information is displayed.

  2. Select [Load from file].

    • If you select [Load from file], you can load the IPTC information saved by EOS Utility (in XMP format).
  3. Edit and register the information as required.

    • Select [Add to camera] to apply the edited IPTC information to the camera.

    • Select [Clear camera info] to erase all the IPTC information registered in the camera.

      [Custom Functions8: Add IPTC information] will also be set to [OFF].

    • Select [Clear] to clear all the IPTC information.