Importing Clips

Before these operations, make sure the clips you will import are saved on your computer.

  1. Select the format of clip to import in (1) by choosing [Still] or [Movie].

  2. Select [Select Folder...] in the [File] menu

  3. Select the folder where the clip is saved, then click [OK].

    • Names of clips you can import are listed in (2).
    • By default, the application automatically compensates for the margin of error between images from the left and right lens.
    • Depending on the clip, preview display may take some time.
  4. Click the clip to import in (2).

    • In captured images, images from the right lens are recorded on the left and vice versa. Importing a clip switches the left and right images, converts to an equirectangular image, and shows a preview.

    • Clip properties are shown in (3).
    • To preview as a 180° image, clear [Equirectangular Projection].