Second-Curtain Sync

Using second-curtain sync at low shutter speeds enables natural shots of subject motion trails, such as car lights. The flash fires immediately before the camera finishes shooting (before the shutter closes).

  1. Press Select/Set.

  2. Select the option shown in (1).

    • Turn the Select dial dial to select an option, then press Select/Set.
  3. Select Second-curtain sync.

    • Turn the Select dial dial to select Second-curtain sync, then press Select/Set.


  • Second-curtain sync works well in Bulb (Bulb) shooting mode.
  • The Speedlite fires twice in ETTL flash mode. The first firing, which does not indicate malfunctioning, is preflash to determine flash output.
  • To return to normal flash firing, select First-curtain sync (first-curtain sync) in step 3 (First-curtain sync is not displayed on the screen after configuration).